Why AVA?

The Academy of Visual Arts does not distinguish between the Arts and Design. All creative disciplines are understood as equally valuable outlets for ideas and concepts.

AVA builds an environment where students develop their individual critical skills, ideas, preferences, and professional ways of working. It is these distinctly personal abilities that will provide the solid foundation for them to master any creative task during their life-long careers.

An open mind and heart are also conditions for constructive creativity. AVA takes an inclusive and holistic approach to visual arts. We break down boundaries of concepts, beliefs, traditions, perceptions and hypotheses, and create awareness, respect and experience. Students learn to fully perceive their surroundings, sense the impact of form and colour and sound, appreciate the intrinsic nature of things, and to articulate inter-connectedness. An AVA student is aware, working with contemporary issues of society, be they local, regional or global.

At AVA, we value scholarship and responsiblity, history and vision, creativity and care.