Bachelor of Arts (Hons)in Visual Arts

The Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Visual Arts programme at the Academy of Visual Arts of HKBU operates in the interdisciplinary area of artistic practice that lies between media. Recent developments within the visual arts have introduced new processes and situations, which have resulted in an expanded notion of artistic practice beyond the traditional concepts of art and/or design. As a result the professional in visual arts will find a new context for artistic practice that is no longer based upon strictly distinguished disciplines or particular media but is rather a hybrid of many. The Academy considers all creative disciplines as equally valuable outlets for creative ideas and concepts, and prepares its students for this great opportunity.

We believe and practice that there are ideas, concepts and principles common to all creative disciplines. Thus rather than training students to excel in one particular, potentially fairly narrow subject area or a specific set of media, we provide a comprehensive education – in the spirit of the University’s Whole Person Education – that focuses on the development of the creative and intellectual potential of our students, encouraging them to build their own personal profile based on their specific interests and abilities, thus ultimately enabling them to aspire careers throughout the whole spectrum of the creative and cultural sector.

In short: we provide creative and cultural education, not professional training – not withstanding of course that we do recognize that our students also require a necessary level of training to start off their careers.

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