Hong Kong Contemporary Art Award is a new art competition with a new concept, taking both public and market preferences into consideration. We will invite collectors as well as academics to serve as our panel of judges. All artworks showcased in Hong Kong Contemporary are eligible for the competition. Two prizes will be given: International Art Award and Local Art Award.

Local Art Award

In support of local art, the Local Art Award section is a competition open to all Hong Kong artists with a Hong Kong permanent ID. The application period for Hong Kong Contemporary Art Award (Local Art Award section) is 15th Februrary 2012 to 17th March 2012.

Application Requirements:

  1. Applicant must hold a valid Hong Kong permanent ID.
  2. Each artist can only submit one piece of art.
  3. The piece submitted must be original work.
  4. There are no limits on the media.
  5. The artwork must fit into the exhibit space inside the room at Park Lane Hotel.

Application Process:

  1. Email a picture or a video of your art to hkcartaward@gmail.com. Hong Kong Contemporary will upload it to the Hong Kong Contemporary Art Award facebook page, where 5 finalists will be decided by open vote.
  2. Please submit your name, title of your piece, date of its creation, media of the piece, your facebook name, telephone number, and first 3 numbers of your HKID.
  3. You are welcome to supply a title and/or a short description (around 20 words).
  4. If you are submitting a video, please note that the video file size cannot exceed 2MB and cannot be over 10 minutes long. Compression should be H.264 video and AAC audio, in MOV or MP4 format. The video file must be in a format suitable for uploading onto facebook.

Voting Process:

  1. Go to Hong Kong Contemporary Art Award’s facebook page and “like” it.
  2. “Like” the pieces of your choice inside our photo album and video page.
  3. You can like more than one piece.
  4. Please feel free to leave comments.

Vote Award:

Voters will be entered into a lucky draw, and 3 winners will each receive 2 VIP passes to Hong Kong Contemporary!

Hong Kong Contemporary Art Award (Local Art Section) Finalists:

  • The five pieces to receive the highest number of “likes” by the public during the voting period will be chosen for the Hong Kong Contemporary Art Award Exhibition. These five finalists, along with all local artists on exhibition at Hong Kong Contemporary, will be eligible to win the Hong Kong Contemporary Local Art Award.
  • The 5 finalists will each receive 2 VIP passes to Hong Kong Contemporary.


  • Round-trip business class flights for one from Hong Kong to Seoul.
  • ₩500,000 Korean Won

Important dates:

  • Application deadline: 17th March 2012
  • Voting ends: 15 April 2012, at 23:59
  • Finalists announced: 23rd April 2012 (Hong Kong Contemporary Page)

Terms and conditions: each participant should read the terms and conditions. Entering the competition equals agreeing to the terms and conditions.



《香港當代》藝術獎 參加資格:

  1. 參加者必須是持有香港永久居民身份證 。
  2. 每位參加者只可投交一件作品參加。
  3. 上載之作品必須是原創。
  4. 作品形式內容不限。
  5. 作品尺寸必需可以進入及於展覽空間內展出。

《香港當代》藝術獎 參加方法:

  1. 參加者必須將作品的相片或影片 e-mail 到 hkcartaward@gmail.com,《香港當代》將會上載作品到 《香港當代藝術獎》的 facebook page,供大家投票。
  2. 注意:提交作品的同時,請留作者的姓名、作品標題、創作日期、形式、facebook名、聯絡電話、身份證頭 3 個數字,電郵至 hkcartaward@gmail.com,以便日後通知及確認得獎者身份之用。
  3. 歡迎就作品命題/作20字以內簡短描述。
  4. 提交影片請注意:影片大小不可超過 2MB 及片長不得超過 10 分鐘。影片格式是 H.264 視頻與 AAC 音頻在 MOV 或 MP4 格式。影片格式必須符合 Facebook 上傳要求。


  1. 只要到 《香港當代藝術獎》的 facebook page「讚好/Like」成為《香港當代藝術獎》的 fans。
  2. Click入 相薄影片,「讚好/Like」你喜歡的作品。
  3. 可「讚好/Like」多過一件作品。
  4. 大家可以留下一些意見在相片頁裏給《香港當代藝術獎》的參賽者作參考。


大會將會在參與投票的 fans 當中抽出 3 位幸運兒,每位幸運兒可獲得《香港當代》VIP 入場卷 2 張。

《香港當代》藝術獎 初選入圍資格評審標準:

  • 全由網上自由投票選出, 以相片獲「讚好」之數量為準。
  • 若多於一張相片獲相同「讚好」之數量, 則以上載交早者位列較前。


  • 初選入圍作品將獲邀於5月18-20日《香港當代》展出,並聯同所有參展的本地藝術家作最後總選,優勝者將獲頒《香港當代》藝術獎。
  • 入圍 5 位藝術家可獲得《香港當代》VIP 入場卷 2 張。


  • 香港/首爾來回 商務機票 一位
  • ₩500,000 韓圓 洗費


  • 上載截止日期:2012 年 3 月 17 日
  • 網上投票截止日期:2012 年 4 月 15 日 23:59
  • 結果公佈日期:2012 年 4 月 23 日 (Hong Kong Contemporary Page)

條款及細則: 每位參加者在參與是次活動之前應細讀以下各部份之所有條款及細則。作品一經上載, 參加者將被視作同意並遵守有關之條款及細則。