Master of Arts in Visual Arts(MA in Visual Arts)



Practice-based Research
Professional Development
International Perspective

– MA in Visual Arts (Studio and Media Arts)
– MA in Visual Arts (Craft and Design)

Mode of Study:
– 1-year Full-time
– 2-year Part-time

Tuition Fee:
– HK$100,000 (per year for one-year full-time student)
– HK$50,000 (per year for two-year part-time student)

Programme Overview

Master of Arts in Visual Arts (MA in Visual Arts) is a practice-based taught post-graduate programme with international impact and cross-cultural scope in terms of student origins, staffing, course contents as well as curricular and extra-curricular collaborations with other international institutions. Students can choose from two concentrations namely Studio & Media Arts and Craft & Design. These two concentrations cover a wide range of creative practices from fine arts to applied arts; from individual expressions to socio-cultural applications to fulfill the needs of local and international creative talents

MA in Visual Arts programme structure consists of two types of courses with different emphases. The core courses introduce common knowledge and skills for practitioners in different visual arts disciplines as well as encourage interdisciplinary integration through combined group projects. The concentration-based courses provide tutorial supervision for students to investigate an identified issue/theme/creative approach in their respective creative practice. Students’ continuous development in the Concentration-based Courses will form the final creative project to be presented in the Graduation Exhibition.

Apart from the regular programme structure, students will also benefit from the interaction with visiting scholars and artists, participation in conferences and other collaborative projects with museums, the community and the industry organized by the Academy of Visual Arts.

(This programme was developed from the Master of Visual Arts programme which the Academy offered during 2007-2016.)

Programme Aims and Objectives

– to nurture creative talents with contemporary research methodologies, in-depth professional knowledge and skills as well as cross-cultural and interdisciplinary awareness in diverse visual arts studio practices;
– to locate students’ artistic and academic practices in global and local socio-cultural contexts;
– to enable students to develop their own creative profiles according to their research interests in a specific visual arts discipline (their declared concentration); and
– to meet the growing demand for professional practitioners in the cultural and creative sectors in Hong Kong and beyond.

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