Master of Arts in Visual ArtsCurriculum


*SMA stands for Studio & Media Arts;
*CD stands for Craft & Design

The MA in Visual Arts programme structure consists of two types of courses with different emphases:

Core Courses

Students from both MA in Visual Arts concentrations will jointly attend the four Core Courses which include two theory-based courses namely Research Methodology for the Visual Arts and Visual Arts Theory & Criticism as well as two practice-based courses namely Critically Engaged: Creative Practices in Context and Arts & the Public: Interpretation & Presentation. The Core Courses introduce common knowledge and skills for practitioners in different visual arts disciplines (the two concentrations on offer), as well as encouraging interdisciplinary integration through combined group projects.

Concentration-based Courses

Two Concentration-based Courses namely SMA/CD Studio Project I and SMA/CD Studio Project II will be offered for each individual concentration, Studio & Media Arts (SMA) or Craft & Design (CD). In these two consecutive courses, students have to continuously develop a self-directed project to investigate an identified issue/theme/creative approach in their respective studio practice. Seminar and tutorial supervision within a concentration-based tutorial group will be conducted to support students’ independent development at a professional level. For the part-time teaching mode, the two Concentration-based Courses are split into four – SMA/CD Studio Project IA and SMA/CD Studio Project IB in year 1 as well as SMA/CD Studio Project IIA and SMA/CD Studio Project IIB in year 2.

Medium of Instruction

English is the medium of instruction for the MA in Visual Arts programme, except occasional guest talks related to particular local content and context in which speakers may choose to present in Chinese (Cantonese and/or Putonghua). In such cases, English interpretation will be provided for students who don’t speak Cantonese and/or Putonghua.

Applicants may make reference to the University Student Handbook for details of the list of courses.

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