The BA (Hons) in Visual Arts is a full-time undergraduate programme. The 3-year programme and 4-year programme of BA (Hons) in Visual Arts are largely identical in terms of the major curriculum.  There is no benefit or disadvantage to be enrolled in one or the other programme in regards of the major.

In the 3-year programme, the Visual Arts major is covered by 60 units, with the General Education and Electives requirements of 36 units. All courses are sequenced through prerequisites. The intended study plan is as follows:

Visual Arts Major General Education Electives Total Units
Year 3 24 0 6 30
Year 2 24 0 9 33
Year 1 12 15 6 33
Total units 60 15 21 96

The Major Courses are distinguished into

1. Required Courses (18 units)

– Introduction to Visual Arts I & II (6 units)
– Introduction to Western Art (3 units)
– Introduction to Chinese Art (3 units)
– Honours Project (6 units)

2. Elective Courses (42 units)

Students can choose from a range of courses offered by the three divisions to experience and master a variety of skills and techniques within the Visual Arts according to their personal interests and choices.

– Studio and Media Arts Division
– Visual Arts Studies Division
– Craft and Design Division

Students are required to complete a Concentration by finishing at least 21 units from the same division.

Academic Advising

Academic Advising is to provide students with academic counseling, guidance and assistance on their studies. The following programme information is available for students to download:
I. Student Handbook, 2012-13 (3-year Cohort)
II. Programme Structure 2011-2012 intake
III. Presentation slides during Programme Briefing 2012 for Direct Year 2 students
IV. Presentation slides during Programme Briefing 2012 for Year 1 students
V. Useful information about academic practice請參閱英文版