Ms. Wan Lai Kuen, Annie

Assistant Professor

After obtaining her Diploma in Design and a Higher Certificate in Studio Ceramics from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the Fine Arts Department of the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1996 and 1999, Ms. Annie Wan devoted herself to art making and to researching a conceptual approach to moulding.

Wan has participated in various local and overseas exhibitions; she has been awarded the Winner (Sculpture) of the Philippe Charriol Foundation Art Competition in

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1999, the Asian Cultural Council Fellowship in 2000, the Overseas Residency Grant by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council in 2003, and the Award Winner of the Hong Kong Art Biennial in 2003.

She has been an artist-in-residence at institutions in the USA, Japan and Denmark from 2001 to 2004 and was invited as Guest Artist by Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park in Japan, and was selected as an artist in the Artists in the Neighbourhood Scheme II by the Hong Kong Art Promotion Office. Her work is in the collections of individuals and institutions internationally, including the Hong Kong Heritage Museum, Hong Kong Museum of Art, the Burger Collection and the University of Salford Collection. 

My investigation is deeply engaged with re-thinking the materiality of ceramics and its process of making; I am interested in extending the language of contemporary ceramics art, especially the conceptual approach.

The nature of ceramics is making singular objects by hand with raw materials and craftsmanship, yet the development of contemporary art has moved away from the hand to the brain, from raw material to found object, and from singularity to a multiplicity of information.

The contemporary world is full of simulacra, as if nothing is physical and singular. I am interested in investigating this distance from the simulacrum-discourse and bringing it closer to the material reality.

This notion of searching and re-thinking expresses an anxiety about the identification of ceramics with the contemporary art language. In the dialectic process of searching, the way of re-thinking ceramics (as the subject for investigation) retains its identity and value of existence yet also leaves an openness for exploration with artistic imagination, concept and idea.

Solo Exhibitions

2013   “Text · Book”, 1a Space, Hong Kong

2003   “Moulding World – Ceramic World by Annie Wan”, Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre, Hong Kong

2005   “Moulding World – A Summer in Denmark”, the Habitus, Hong Kong

2001   “Rediscovery”, the First Institute of Art and Design Gallery, Hong Kong

2000   “Blue and White”, Gallerie Martini, Hong Kong

1999   “Longing and Rediscovery, Hui Gallery, CUHK

1998   “Ceramic Works by Wan Lai Kuen”, Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Hong Kong

Group Exhibitions

2014   “Kochi-Muziris Biennale”, Kochi, India, supported by Burger Collection
“Asia Triennial Manchester 2014”, Manchester, UK

2015   “The Past is Continuing”, Hong Kong Heritage Museum, Hong Kong
“First, then and after”, Gallery Exit, Hong Kong
“ICA Off-Site: Hong Kongese”, Duddell’s, Hong Kong

2013   “Hong Kong Eye”, Saatchi Gallery, London
“I Think It Rains”, by Burger Collection, Cattle Depot, Hong Kong

“All of These Are Made of Clay”, Museum of Contemporary Ceramic Art, Shigaraki, Japan

“Asian Contemporary Ceramics Exchange Exhibition”, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa & Aichi Prefectural Ceramic Art Museum, Tokoname, Japan

“East Asian Four Countries Exchange Exhibition”, New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum, Taiwan

“Guangdong Contemporary Ceramics Art Exhibition”, Ucity Art Museum of GAFA, Guangzhou, China

2011  “2011 Asian Contemporary Ceramics Exhibition”, Foshan Ceramics Museum, China

“Open the Pages You See Me Seeing You”, Kubrick Bookshop, Beijing &, 1a Space, Hong Kong.

“UN EARTH: An Exhibition of Contemporary Ceramic Art from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan”, Ipreciation Gallery, Singapore

2007   “New Aspect of Image / Image of Pottery”, Gallery Susuki, Kyoto; Gallery Haku, Osaka, Japan

2006   “MEGartSTORE”, Hong Kong Heritage Museum, Hong Kong

“XIX eme Biennale Internationale de Céramique Contemporaine de Vallauris”, Vallauris, France

2005   “Re:Wanchai – Hong Kong International Artists’ Workshop Exhibition”, Wanchai, Hong Kong

2004   “Culture & Identity”, Guldagergård, Museum of International Ceramic Art, Denmark

2003   “International Ceramic Biennale” Incheon, Korea
“Contemporary Hong Kong Art Biennial Exhibition 2003”, Hong Kong Museum of Art

2000   “L’art de Vivre la Difference”, UNESCO, Paris

1996   “Hong Kong Ceramics 1985-1995” at the HK Visual Arts Centre

1992   “Fletcher Challenge Ceramic Award”, Auckland, New Zealand

Wan, Lai Kuen Annie. Molding World – A Summer in Denmark (Ceramics), Habitus, Hong Kong, 2005.

Longing and Rediscovery: Reflections on Moulding. Hong Kong: The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 1999.

“From the Renaming of the American Craft Museum to the Development of Contemporary Hong Kong Ceramics in the Context of Art and Craft” in Hong Kong Visual Arts Yearbook 2005. Hong Kong: Department of Fine Arts, CUHK, 2006.

“Nostalgia and Moulding” in White Text Vol.2. Hong Kong: Hong Kong Art School, 2006.

Wan, Lai-kuen Annie. Moulding World – A Summer in Denmark, Habitus, Hong Kong, 2005.

2003   Award Winner, Contemporary Hong Kong Art Biennial Exhibition, Hong Kong Museum of Art

1999   Winner-Sculpture, Philippe Charriol Foundation Art Competition

2011   Granted Guest Artist, Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park, Japan

2005   Artist-in-residence, Re:Wanchai – Hong Kong International Artists’ Workshop, Hong Kong

2004   Artist-in-residence, Guldageraard, Museum of International Ceramic Art, Denmark.

2003   Grant for Overseas Residency Programme, Hong Kong Arts Development Council

2002   Artist-in-residence, Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park, Japan

2002   Awarded Artist, Artists in Neighbourhood Scheme II, Hong Kong Art Promotion Office

2001   Artist-in-residence, Watershed Centre for the Ceramic Arts, Maine, USA

2000   Asian Cultural Council Fellowship, U.S.A.

1996   Hong Kong Sir Edward Youde Memorial Scholarship, Hong Kong

1991   Artist, International Workshop of Ceramic Art in Tokoname, Japan

Ceramics, a special term for man-made fired clay objects, carries the context of ceramics tradition and culture. Yet the development of contemporary ceramics art is pushing ceramics beyond this, bringing many meanings to ceramics. Broadening the possibilities of ceramics yet at the same time retaining its cultural significance is my objective in teaching. The ceramics courses cover ceramics culture and history and at the same time try to break down the barriers between art, craft and design. Students are encouraged to explore the possibilities of clay as media in different approaches for making art objects as well as contemporary pottery.