Ms. Seo Hee Sun

Graphic Design, Typography

Heesun Seo holds a BFA in Visual Communication Design from Kookmin University, South Korea, and an MFA in Graphic Design from Yale University, USA. She was a grantee of the Fulbright Scholarship while completing the MFA program, and worked in Studio Manuel Raeder in Germany as a graphic designer.



The research is based on the idea of changing the perceptions of values, offering different perspective of things we know, by devaluing the highest and imposing values to the lowest. The visual methodology regarding this idea is presented through the thorough study of rules in visual language and typography and then breaking them. This brings in the question of aesthetics. What is beautiful? And what is not? How does the perception of beauty change through time, and as visual creators, how do we suggest new standards of beauty?

2017 5th Typojanchi at Seoul, Korea
2016 Type Scape 2016 at Samwon Paper Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2015 XS: Young Studio Collection at Ujeongguk, Seoul, Korea
2014 26th International Biennial of Graphic Design Brno 2014, Brno, Czech Republic
2013 Spätkauf Kunst Aktion #4, Berlin, Germany
2012 The Poster Book Vol.1 at 1984, Seoul, Korea
2010 World Silent Day, Bangkok Design Festival at Bangkok Art & Culture Center, Bangkok, Thailand
2010 ArteBA’10, part of Munguau project, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2016 Catalogue: Extra Small (XS) Studios, Propaganda
2013 디자이너의 서체이야기 (Designer’s Font Story), G:book
2012 자율과 유행 2 (Autonomy and Trend 2), Propaganda
2010 Asian Graphics Now!, Taschen
2010 Diagraphics, Harper Collins
2010 Label & Packaging Design, Zeixs
2010 New Illustration with Type, Batsford
2009 1000 Ideas by 100 Graphic Designers, Rockport Publishers
2009 Graphic Design 2, Zeixs
2008 Graphic Design Inspirations, Daab

2010 Fulbright Scholarship

Graphic design is no longer a mere means of communication, but of artistic expression. While a graphic design work do need to clearly deliver the message that it carries, it is important for the individual who chooses to express the content, to take their unique approach on the subject matter. The students are required to understand the fundamental principles of graphic design and are later encouraged to break the boundaries for further critical thinking on what it is to have authorship in graphic design.