Li Xiaoqiao

PhD Student
Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University

Xiaoqiao Li is a Visual artist from GuangDong province, China. He graduated from Macao Polytechnic Institute with Bachelor of Visual Arts (Education) degree in 2010 and completed a MA Visual Arts: Printmaking degree at Camberwell College of Arts, University of Arts London in 2016. His prints, photographs and mixed media works explore his upbringing and identity, as well as the physical, temporal, and psychological aspects of city life.

His current practice explores the physical process and methodology of surface, space and memory through the crossing of medias: drawing, printmaking, photography, moving image and projection. He is particularly interested in creating a ‘visual noise’ in images, as a device to attain certain types of meaning such as: darkness, ambiguity, melancholy in perceptually and complicated landscapes.

The aim of Xiaoqiao’s research is to investigate how printmaking’s imprint might be used as an element of a moving image to materialise a response to the trace of time and to construct fragmented memory into an imaginative experience. The research thus raises the question of how a moving image that is made by the printmaking’s imprint can be used to reinterpret the depth of time, the physical essence of multi-layering and the material properties of transformation. It will explore the visual narrative and intention of the material qualities of printmaking in real and virtual forms. 

The research will engage with printmaking’s inherent trait of imprinting. It will question how the process inherent in making print’s imprint can be understood as an expressive system of an independent and individual language and its value in integrating it with the moving image. It seeks a new way to think and make about time and memory in relation to printmaking and moving image.