Dr. Mak Hoi Shan, Anson

Associate Professor
Moving Image and Sound Art

Dr. Anson Hoi Shan MAK is a moving image and sound artist. She studied film for her undergraduate degree, cultural studies for her M. Phil, and locative web-based hyper-media web site and research on the community of the largest urban renewal plan in Kwun Tong area for her Doctorial degree.

Besides single channel film/video, she also does phonography sound art, sound installations and web-based projects. She is especially interested in experimental ethnography and novelty of the medium of Super 8 film in the digital era.

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Her film/video works have been shown in many exhibitions and festivals, such as Mobile M+: Moving Images, Hong Kong International Film Festival, Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival, Vancouver International Film Festival, and Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen.

Dr. Mak is interested in studying and exploring the cityscape and culture of local communities. Hence, experimental ethnography best fits the form and content of her work. She is also interested in the novelty of the medium of Super 8 film in the digital era. Hyper-media web-based projects are also one of her interests and which can be shared freely on-line everywhere to everyone. Recently, she is working on research-creative work, bridging conventional social research methods and creative art work in the field of digital humanities.

2012-2015 UGC General Research Grant

Artists’ Studios and their practices in Kwun Tong Industrial Buildings: An Ethnographic Hypermedia Research (role as PI) Hypermedia web site: http://ktfactorystudio.com/

2016 – 2018 UGC General Research Grant

Convergence of Documentary and Contemporary Art Practices In Hong Kong: Experimental Ethnography (role as PI)

2010-2011 Hong Kong Arts Development Council Project Grant

Film and Media Arts Committee
On The Edge Of A Floating City, We Sing (role as producer and director)

2004-2006 Hong Kong Arts Development Council Project Grant

Film and Media Arts Committee
One-Way Street On A Turntable (role as director)


Web-based Projects

A Map Of Our Own: Kwun Tong Culture and Histories http://www.kwuntongculture.hk

Artists’ Studios and their practices in Kwun Tong Industrial Buildings: An Ethnographic Hypermedia Research http://ktfactorystudio.com

Film/Video Festivals (selected listing)

On The Edge Of The Floating City, We Sing (2012)

  • World premiere at the 36th Hong Kong International Film Festival, in the Hong Kong Panorama section, 2012
  • Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival, Taipei, Taiwan, Nov 2012
  • South Film Festival, Tainan, Dec 2012
  • “Living As Form (The Nomadic Version)”, first shown in Hong Kong Microwave International New Media Arts Festival, Cattle Depot, Hong Kong, Nov 2012; then toured in ICI’s Curatorial Hub at TEMP, New York, US, 1st December 2012 until 27th January 2013
  • “Exposure: Contemporary Media Art from Hong Kong, Taiwan and China”, London Gallery West, University of Westminster,   London, UK, May to June, 2013
  • “Metropolin Topology Of Urban Resistance”, Hanina, Contemporary Art, Israel, July to Aug 2013
  • “Hong Kong Calling”, Loft 46, Berlin, Germany, Nov, 2014
  • “VisionMix”, Delhi, India, March, 2015

唱盤上的單行道 One Way Street On A Turntable (2007)

  • World Premiere at 31st Hong Kong International Film Festival, Hong Kong, April 2007
  • 20th Singapore International Film Festival, Singapore, April 2007
  • The Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival 23rd Edition, US, May 2007(Selected as nominee for the Grand Jury Awards for Best Feature-Length Documentary Film)
  • 9th Taipei Film Festival, Taiwan, June-July 2007
  • Digital Cinema Seoul (selected in the competition section), Korea, July 2007
  • 26th Vancouver International Film Festival, Canada, Sept- Oct 2007
  • 14th Barcelona Independent Film Festival, Spain, Nov 2007
  • What’s has been happening here?, Iberia Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing China, April 2009
  • Beijing Independent Film Forum, Beijing China, Dec 2008
  • Loop Festival, Barcelona, Spain June 2015


Goodbye (Music Video project, Fan Hung A) 2006

  • “Both Sides Now – Somewhere between Hong Kong and the UK”, curated by Videotage

Screening Date in UK:
24 June 2014 : FACT, Liverpool
, 26 June 2014 : Duke’s at Komedia, Brighton
, 05 July 2014 : Whitechapel Gallery, London
, 13 July 2014 : Floating Cinema, King’s Cross, London
Screening Date in HK
: 14 – 20 Aug
 2014, Osage, Hong Kong

  • “Tomato Grey: 18 degrees of Acclimation”, White Box, New York, US, 2010
  • “Women and the Post-colonial Hong Kong”, Crossing Art, New York, US,2010
  • “20/20, Videotage”, Hong Kong, Oct 2009
  • Urbanity, a collaboration of Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers (CSIF) and Truck Gallery, Calgary, Canada, Sept 2009
  • “2007 Asia New Media Silkroad”, Seoul, Korea, 2007
  • Selected in a programme curated by Hong Kong Arts Centre in Market Screenings of “Internationale Kurzfilmtage” Oberhausen, Germany, 2007.
  • “Made in Hong Kong – A Decade Of New Cinema”, CornerHouse, Manchester, UK, 2007

Tra(i)nsient (2003)


  • “Mobile +: Moving Images Exhibition”, Hong Kong, Feb-April 2015
  • “The Lab: Anson Mak’s Works 1991-2004”, a solo programme, organized by Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong, Jan 2005
  • Kyoto Seika University, VIDEOART CENTER Tokyo Japan, May 2005
  • Selasar Sunaryo art space, Bandung, Indonesia, Oct 2004
  • Seoul Forum Media & Art (SEFOMA), Seoul Korea, Feb 2004
  • Ehwa Media Art Festival (EMAF), Seoul Korea, May 2004
  • Asian Video Art Conference, by VIDEOART CENTER Tokyo, Japan, Dec 2003

Sound Art (selected listing)

Sonic Meditation Exercise III
“Early White”, 1A space, Hong Kong, June 2015

 Who’s Afraid Of Ghost!?
“Against Easy Listening”, 1a Space, Hong Kong, Oct–Dec 2010

 Sonic Meditation Exercise II
“Green, Kai Tak River Project”, 1a Space, Hong Kong, Oct-Dec 2009

Count, Down To Yue Man Square
“Hong Kong Sound Station”, Para/Site Art Space, Hong Kong, Feb to April 2009

A Sound Walk On Kowloon-Canton Railway (2007)

  • “Hong Kong Shenzhen Sonic Architectures”, Shenzhen-Hong Kong Bi-city Biennale of Urbanism and Architecture, Dec 2007 to March 2008 Shenzhen, China — URBAN EPISODES, Osage Soho, Hong Kong, May 2008

Sonic Meditation Exercise I

Sound Art

Going Home (or not), a solo CD publication on phonographic works on Kwun Tong, published by Re-records, and distributed by Lona Records, Hong Kong, Oct 2009


Mak, Hoi Shan Anson, (ed.), From The Factories, Hong Kong: kaitak, Centre for Research and Development, Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University, 2014

Mak, Hoi Shan Anson, “Hong Kong Needs Factory Buildings”, in Mak, Hoi Shan Anson, (ed.), From The Factories, Hong Kong: kaitak, Centre for Research and Development, Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University, 2014, p.144-154.

Mak, Hoi Shan Anson, “One-Way Street On A Turntable”, and “On The Edge Of A Floating City, We Sing”, in Lai, Chiu-han Linda, Choi, Wing-yee Kimburley (eds.), World Film Locations Hong Kong, Bristol: Intellect Books, 2013, p. 09-91, 104-105.
ISBN: 978-1-78320-021-4

Mak, Hoi Shan Anson, “Love: 1989”, in Kam, Liz, and King, Pui Wai (eds.), Yue Liang De Shao Dong 《月亮的騷動 ﹣﹣她她的初戀故事:我們的自述》, Hong Kong: Cultural Act Up, 2001.

Mak, Hoi Shan Anson, et al, King, Pui Wai (ed.), Bisexuality 《雙性情慾》, Hong Kong: Hong Kong Women Christian Council, 2000.

Mak, Hoi Shan Anson, and King, Pui Wai, “Those are the Girls…” in Lo Kim Hung (ed.), 《華人同志新讀本:華人同志交流大會文集》Chinese Tongzhi Conference 1998 Essays Collections, Hong Kong: Worldson Books, 1998.

Mak, Hoi Shan Anson, Hui, Ken, Poon, Joanne and King, Pui Wai, “Country Report On Hong Kong”, in Rosenbloom. Rachel, (ed.), Unspoken Rules, Sexual Orientation and Women’s Human Rights, San Francisco: International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission, 1995.

Best Young Researcher’s Award

President’s Award for Outstanding Performance

Hong Kong Baptist University, 2013


A Map of Our Own: Kwun Tong Culture and Histories http://www.kwuntongculture.hk

Silver Award (no Gold Award granted),

Interactive Media Arts category, Hong Kong Independent Short Film and Video Award, Hong Kong
(role as Project producer and one of the contributors)


Who’s Afraid of Ghost?

Best Sound Prize

Cambridge International Super 8 Film Festival, UK


Mapping Trainscape

Gold Prize, YAGEO Sound Art Prize

An International Sound Art Award

Sponsored by YAGEO Arts Foundation and

Taipei National Culture and Arts Foundation

I share knowledge, I don’t teach. I try to broaden students’ perspectives, I don’t teach. I hope more people can do listening practices and soundwalks in their everyday-life hence to understand more about ourselves and our relations with others. I hope we don’t just do video for a fading community but care and live in a community that we genuinely treasure. Art is just a tiny part of our lives, and I hope we can keep running and developing Hong Kong culture, of our own.