Dr. Jia Zhen

Research Assistant Professor
Visual Culture in Republican China, History of Chinese Art (the 20th century), Feminist art theories, Women Artists in China

Jia Zhen received her B.A and M.A. in Art History from the Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University, and her PhD from the Department of Fine Arts, The Chinese University of Hong Kong.  From 2005-2010, she taught several courses at the Luxun Academy of Fine Arts.

Dr. Jia’s research interests focus on gender issues in art history and visual culture in the Chinese context, especially the significance of women as the subjected matter and the practitioner.

Her PhD thesis “Images of Masculine Women in Chinese Print Media (1920s -1940s)” analyses the specific characteristics of this specific type of women’s images and explains the imagery from a gender-based prospective. She is also interested in the production of objects in the 20th century.

Forthcoming: “A Unique Identification – the images of martial heroines in the wars against foreign intruders in ‘Dianshizhai Pictorial’”, Xingbie yu Shijue – Bainian Zhongguo Yingxiang Yanjiu (Gender and Visuality – A study of Chinese movies and images in the 20th Century, WANG Zheng and Lü Xinyu Ed.), Shanghai: Fudan University Press (Original text in Chinese).

The Madeleine Tang Friends Research and Education Fund Award, 2014-15

PhD Support Scheme, Faculty of Arts, Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2013-14

Hong Kong Postgraduate Student Research Attachment Programme, Fudan University, 2013-14

Research Funding, Friends of the Art Museum, Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2012

Endeavour Research Fellowship, The University of Sydney, 2012

My courses will examine art in the 20th century in the Chinese and Asian context. By analyzing the artworks, artists and trends, I hope that the students can not only enjoy the works but also thinking the power relations of people from different class, gender and ethnic origin involved in art production and evaluation. I also want the courses to help art students discover their own direction and path.