Dr. Angelo Lo Conte

Assistant Professor
Art History; Social History of Art; Creative process and workshop practice; History of collections.

Dr Angelo Lo Conte is an art historian specialised in the fields of Renaissance and Baroque art, with expertise in Italian and North European Visual cultures, early modern workshops, transnational visual studies and global Renaissance. Before joining AVA in 2019, he was the inaugural ACIS Research Fellow at the Rosand Library and Study Centre in Venice (2018). Angelo Lo Conte held postdoctoral fellowships at the Australian Institute of Art History (2016) and at the Ian Potter Museum of Art (2017). In 2016, he received a PhD from the University of Melbourne. In 2014, he was the recipient of the Francis Haskell Memorial Fund.

Angelo Lo Conte’s research focuses on artistic practice and the business of painting in the early modern period. Predicated on a socio-economic approach, his work aims at providing a new understanding of the commercial strategies enacted by artists in Northern Italy, and especially in Milan.

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2018 ACIS Research Fellow, Rosand Library and Study Centre, Venice

2017 Ursula Hoff Postdoctoral Fellow, Ian Potter Museum of Art, Melbourne.

2016 Endeavour Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Australian Institute of Art History, Melbourne.

2014 Francis Haskell Memorial Fund, The Burlington Magazine.

2014 Eugene La Gerche Scholarship, The University of Melbourne.

2014 The George Bailey Medieval Scholarship, The University of Melbourne.

2012–2016 International Melbourne Research Scholarship, The University of Melbourne.

2011 MAE-CRUI Prize, Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

My most ambitious aim as a teacher is to help students to understand intricate interconnections between art and society. My classes balance close readings of individual works of art with broader discussions on historical, cultural and social issues. In my lectures, I propose a wide variety of approaches to art history. I emphasise the importance of historical and iconographic analysis as well as of the study of material culture. I am particularly interested in highlighting global trends and cross-cultural references. Furthermore, I am fascinated by the implementation of innovative pedagogical approaches such as role-play teaching and object-based learning.