Cornelia Erdmann

PhD student
Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University

Cornelia Erdmann is a German visual artist based in Hong Kong. With her background in fine art as well as in architecture, she likes to blur the boundaries between creative disciplines and subjects specialising in public art and commissions.

She uses light as an integral medium in her pieces. The intangible light and the physical space have reciprocal qualities and depend on each other which in combination with other materials and/or technologies she employs playful site-specific installations that interact and surprise the audience on various levels. She enjoys collaborating with communities to co-create public artworks that help build and generate collective memories.

Cornelia Erdmann’s inquiry is grounded in her experiences as a trained architect and as a practising artist, and is situated within an experiential approach to art production that examines the discussion about qualities of space – of how atmosphere is created – at the interface of design principles and the poetics of art.