Dr. Cedric Maridet

Assistant Professor
Sound art and intermedia practices, Media arts, Contemporary art

Cédric Maridet studied literature and sociolinguistics in Paris VII University, and holds a PhD in Media Arts (City University of Hong Kong). His practice includes intensive field work and research to create video, installations, photography, sound compositions and works on paper, constructing narratives based on history, fiction or science.

Maridet has participated in residencies, solo and group exhibitions internationally, including Tate Modern in UK, Para Site and Asia Art Archive in Hong Kong. In 2014, he was awarded the Hong Kong Arts Development Awards – Artist of the Year (Media Arts) and Gold Award in Media Arts Category at the 19th ifva. In 2005, he was awarded Prize of Excellence in the Hong Kong Art Biennial. In 2013, he was commended by Secretary of Home Affairs for making outstanding contributions to the development of arts and culture.

My research takes root in my definition of listening as a concept that goes beyond sole sonorous events; it encompasses a holistic sensitive experience of the world, rooted in a particular posture of care and attention that informs conceptually and formally my interdisciplinary media art practice, in which research, theories, and productions are all embedded in an experimental approach. From a focus on sound and images, my research scope has expanded beyond the notion of object or a specific medium, to explore the aesthetics of systems with research on kinetic sculptures that simulates particular ecosystem or natural phenomena. Since 2010, I have contributed as an ambisonic sound composer and audio programmer for unique immersive visualisation systems combined with powerful sonic architectures that are benchmarks in the realms of virtual, augmented, mixed realities. These works reinterpret tangible and intangible heritage and archival materials from many regions including Asia, Australia and Europe.

Exhibitions and works have received grant funding from Art Promotion Office, Art Development Council, Dunhuang Academy, Oak Maritime (HK) Inc., City University of Hong Kong Applied Laboratory for Interactive Visualization and Embodiment (ALiVE), Centre for Applied Computing and Interactive Media (ACIM), Hong Kong Heritage Museum.

Solo Exhibitions:

“FRAGMENTS OF FUTURE HISTORIES”, Blindspot Gallery, Hong Kong

“Distinct Factures, A Return from Langsdorff ”, 2P Contemporary Art Gallery, Hong Kong

“Archival Records”, Asia Art Archive, Hong Kong

“I/O Flows”, Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre, Hong Kong

Group Exhibitions: 

Wanchai Grammatica: past, present, future. Hong Kong Art Centre

Augmented Campus, HSU, LCSD, Kowloon Park, Hong Kong

“OOOL / Sound Fictions”, La Kunsthalle, centre d’art contemporain, Mulhouse, France

“Listen to Hong kong”, Hong Kong Museum of Art, Kowloon Park, Hong Kong

“Beyond the Sound”, Le French May, Comix Home Base, Hong Kong
“Roaming, Muttering, Stuttering…”, LOOP Barcelona, Cinemes Girona, Barcelona, Spain

“Is It (Y)ours?”, Museum Bärengasse, Zürich, Switzerland
“HONG KONG BESTIARY”, Platform China, Hong Kong
“19th Incubator for Film and Visual media in Asia (ifva)”, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong
“Random Moments”, Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong

“Embark! Beyond the Horizon”, Oi! Art Space, Hong Kong
“Hong Kong Contemporary Art Awards 2012”, Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong

“ART HK12 Projects: Le son de L’art (the sound of art)”, ART HK12, Hong Kong Convention and
Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong

“((audience))”, Ramiken Crucible, New York, USA
“No Soul For Sale, Silent Impact”, Tate Modern, London, UK

“Britto New Media Festival 2009”, National Gallery, Dhaka, Bangladesh
“((audience))”, Red House Arts Center, New York, USA
“HK Sound Station”, Para Site, Hong Kong
“A-usual Objects”, Experimenta, Hong Kong
“Cities of Desire: Vienna – Hong Kong”, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong

“Cities of Desire: Vienna – Hong Kong”, IG Bildende Kunst, Vienna, Austria

“Myth of place”, Ox Warehouse, Macau
“Les Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin/Madrid”, Paris, France

“Impromptu pour un voyage”, Videotage, Hong Kong
“Myth of Place”, Nolias Gallery, London, UK
“Video Marathon”, Art in General, New York, USA
“Cities of Desire: Alternative Strategies of Place-Making”, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong

“Hong Kong Art Biennial Exhibition”, Hong Kong Museum


Bending the air, again, lecture-performance, Taikwun Contemporary, Art Book Fair

Bending the air, again, lecture-performance, Eté78, Bruxelles, Belgium

Art Basel in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong

Rockbund Art Museum, Shanghai

Architecture Centre, Hong Kong

Albergue, Macau

School of Creative Media, City University, Hong Kong
Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge, UK, 2008

Para Site, Hong Kong

Habitus, Hong Kong
White Noise Records, Hong Kong

Microwave International Media Art Festival, Hong Kong


2017 “………… …… …… …… out on the sea…… … on the island“, in My Ocean Guide, Mapoffice, Lightboxgroup, Venice Art Bienniale.

2014 “Bending the air, again”, book + audio dvd, monème

2010 “Uncured Lunatics: Sound is Still Bleeding”, in Who Cares? 16 essays on curating in Asia, Michael Lee (ed.)

2010 “Erasing the visible: Jaffa Lam’s Sound Tree”, in Around, Pocket 1, sound pocket

Audio CD:

2010 “Sound Tree”, audio composition, in Around, Pocket 1, soundpocket “

2006 _habitus”, audio CD, monème

2004 “M001”, audio CD, various artists, monème

Conference proceedings:

2019 “In Between Dreams: Augmented Reality as an oneiric space”, International

Symposium on Augmented Reality, HSMC, Hong Kong (to be published in 2019)

2011 “Reassessment of acoulogy for the cultivation of sound practices”, Proceedings

of International Conference Pierre Schaeffer: mediArt, Museum of Modern and

Contemporary Art, Rijeka, Croatia.

Catalogues and Exhibition Publications:

2017 “OOOL Sound Fictions”, 12” record, Mulhouse Kunsthalle (with Cédric Maridet,

Luc Ferrari, Eddie Ladoire, Mathias Delplanque)

2016 “Fragments of Future Histories”, exhibition catalogue, Blindspot Gallery, Hong Kong.

Selected press and reviews:

2016 Art Paper, Nov-Dec. 2016 [interview]

2016 Art Forum, vol.54 Summer 2016.

2016 Artomity, No.1, Hong Kong

2015 Pipeline Magazine, July August 2015 issue 45, p.57-65

2013 Art Press, no 396, January 2013

2012 Randian-online, October 2012

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2010 Leap, June 2010

2010 Time Out, February 2010, Hong Kong


2012 Contemporary Art in Hong Kong, Caroline Ha Thuc. AsiaOne, Scala.

2017 nominated for Asian Sovereign Art Prize 2018

2015 ADC Best Artist of the Year (Media Arts)

2014 Gold Award (interactive media art) 19th IFVA, Hong Kong Art Centre

2013 Secretary for Home Affairs’Commendation (outstanding contributions to the development of arts and culture), Hong Kong.

2005 Prize of Excellence, Hong Kong Art Biennial, Hong Kong Museum of Art.


2014 The Arctic Circle Residency, The Farm, NY

2013 Sonic Mmambolela, South Africa

2009 Asia Art Archive, Hong Kong

2008 Mamori Sound Project, Brazil

2006 Hong Kong Visual Art Centre

I have been teaching art in many universities in Hong Kong over the last ten years. My experiences reflect a strong interdisciplinary and intermedia expertise that is also found in my own creative works, in which research, theories, and productions are all embedded in an experimental approach; this is also a foundation for my teaching career, so that creative process enters the classroom context, and opens a wealth of opportunities. Looking at the medium of sound, I am interested to develop an awareness of listening not only as a sonorous event, but as a mode of existing, politics of care, and of grasping an environment leading to the development of works allowing remediation for instance in a wider context of sound in contemporary art practices. I believed in the possibility of experimentation to foster the possibility of students to develop a creative autonomy and find their own voice.