AVA established the Centre for Research and Development in Visual Arts in 2013. Operated at the Kai Tak Campus (the historical Royal Air Force Officers’ Mess), the Centre conducts academic researches and community projects for the development of visual arts in and around Hong Kong. It comprises three branches: Research Hub, the VArtCommunity (VAC) and the Young Artist Agency (YAA).

The Research Hub is set up for organising the Artist-in-Residence programme, academic symposia and international conferences with the purpose of encouraging cross-cultural and interdisciplinary researches and/or practices in visual arts. It is also regarded as academic support for researches primarily conducted by teaching staff and postgraduate students.

The VAC is composed of various community projects. In collaboration with the NGOs or charity organizations, it aims at initiating the interaction between artists and the general public through the process of art making, and to arouse people’s interest and potential in visual arts. Besides, the provision of the heritage building as the venue of the projects is a way to heighten people’s awareness on the conservation of historical sites.

Among various community projects, the ‘Through Our Eyes’ Programme (TOE) is the heart of VAC. Funded by Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation, this art education programme particularly focuses on lens-based media. It offers a variety of short courses for teenagers to observe and explore our community through lens-based media, and through these to reflect their views on social issues with diverse photo images. Through the learning process, the programme aims to enhance the intimate bonding between the participants and their communities.

The YAA is the first-of-its-kind programme in Hong Kong with a mission to nurture young visual artists to take their first step toward professionalism and link them up to the entrepreneurs as well as the creative industries. Apart from training programmes, it also provides a platform for artists to increase their exposure in the art and cultural or commercial sectors so as to meet the social demand for visual art professionals. We welcome all AVA students and graduates to join YAA membership and benefit from its many innovative programmes and activities.