Exchange Programmes

AVA offers students in their second to fourth year of studies the opportunity for an exchange programme, for one semester or for a full academic year.

An international exchange can provide enriching experiences on an academic as well as personal level. Not only an opportunity to learn from professors and students of a different cultural background and to take classes that may not be offered at AVA, an exchange can broaden one’s horizons by living in a new environment, getting in touch with a different culture and language, and experiencing different ways of living. It can also lead to a deeper understanding of one’s own culture. Each academic year in December, students can apply for an exchange programme that would take place in the following academic year (which at AVA begins in September).

Students interested in an exchange can apply by selecting their preferred institutions and destinations from a list of programmes and universities which are either partners on a departmental level with AVA or on the university level with HKBU. For partners on the departmental level, compatibility of offered courses is guaranteed. The selection of these partner institutions is based on the idea to expose our students to a variety of media, styles and interpretations by faculty beyond AVA and to broaden and deepen their understanding of visual arts.

For partners on the university level, each applicant needs to check the offered courses before submitting their application, to make sure that units earned during the exchange can be transferred to AVA. Students may also apply for scholarships or financial support to take part in the exchange programme.

Current Departmental Partners

University of Newcastle, Australia
Academy of Fine Arts and Design SAAR, Germany
Trier University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Iceland Academy of the Arts, Iceland.

Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna, Italy
Nagoya Zokei University of Art and Design, Japan

Umea University, Sweden

Zurich University of the Arts, Switzerland
MECA Maine College of Art, Portland, USA

University of Louisville, USA
University of the West of England, Bristol, UK
Chung-Ang University, South Korea


For more information, please visit:

International Office, Hong Kong Baptist University