Global Engagement

The Academy of Visual Arts is committed to internationalisation, providing a teaching and learning environment for today’s globalised world.

At AVA, we design our academic programmes to prepare students for both local and global settings. Benchmarking against international standards has been undertaken in programme planning, curriculum development and delivery by our faculty. We work to broaden students’ horizons by exposing them to the art worlds of different cultures, bringing these worlds to the campus through our international faculty, collaborative art and exhibition projects with international artists and overseas institutions, and co-curricular activities that enhance students’ cross-cultural awareness. Our students can also explore the world by joining student exchanges. AVA also forge collaborations with mainland institutions and enterprises to diversify and enrich learning experiences.

In recent years, AVA has organised an increasing number of international art events, and has collaborated more deeply with overseas and mainland counterparts. We aim to expand our global engagement so as to maximise the benefits for our students.

Artist-in-Residence Programme
Student Exchange Partnership
International Conference

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