Bachelor of Arts (Hons)in Visual Arts — Concentrations

Studio & Media Arts

Studio and Media Arts (SMA) allows the student to focus his endeavours in traditional studio arts and/or contemporary media arts, aiming to generate meaning through aesthetic and/or intellectual concepts, beyond a merely functional approach. It indicates the student’s ability to work in areas related to the fine arts – as a practicing artist –, to teach related areas or take on some administrative positions from the area.

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Craft & Design

Craft and Design (CD) both have the physical work-result at the centre of their disciplines. Be it a hand-made artefact or a mass-produced industry product, the essence of the result is in its physicality. Because of this, concepts of functionality, usability, sustainability, but also consideration of production processes, market-demand and/or general benefits play an increasingly important role to the visual artist. Completion of this concentration indicates the student’s ability to work as designer or artisan, to teach in this area, and/or to take on administrative positions related to the area.

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Visual Arts Studies*

A concentration in Visual Arts Studies (VAS) offers the student a range of theoretical and historical approaches to the visual arts with a focus on the notion of public experience and education in and about the visual arts through new creative strategies. A student completing this concentration will strive to work in arts administration for governmental and non-governmental organisations, to write about visual arts as a journalist or critic, or to attempt a career in art direction or curation.

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* For students under 2013 Intake only


Our many factual distinctions within the educational landscape of Hong Kong – like practice-based education, unique course-offerings, extensive studiospaces, etc. – are tied together by the Academy’s strong commitment to the ideal of interdisicplinarity, the philosophy of bringing together the various formats,media, approaches, concepts, and methodologies of all visual arts that are otherwise scattered in various separate areas, subjects and/or disciplines in just as many departments and/or universities.

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