About AVA

The Academy of Visual Arts (AVA) is the first university academy of its kind in Hong Kong, providing professional visual arts undergraduate, postgraduate and research degree programmes linked to international exchange, current arts development and the fast-growing creative industries. AVA offers excellent teaching and is committed to nurturing creative and professional talent of international renown.

Being Hong Kong’s pioneering institution of its kind, Academy of Visual Arts strives to provide the best education in visual arts, combining studio-based research on contemporary issues of the visual arts and sustainable service for the cultural and creative sectors as well as for the community at large.

Why AVA?

The Academy of Visual Arts does not distinguish between the Arts and Design. All creative disciplines are understood as equally valuable outlets for ideas and concepts. AVA builds an environment where students develop their individual critical skills, ideas, preferences, and professional ways of working. It is these distinctly personal abilities that will provide the solid foundation for them to master any creative task during their life-long careers.

An open mind and heart are also conditions for constructive creativity. AVA takes an inclusive and holistic approach to visual arts. We break down boundaries of concepts, beliefs, traditions, perceptions and hypotheses, and create awareness, respect and experience. Students learn to fully perceive their surroundings, sense the impact of form and colour and sound, appreciate the intrinsic nature of things, and to articulate inter-connectedness. An AVA student is aware, working with contemporary issues of society, be they local, regional or global.


The establishment of the Academy of Visual Arts in Hong Kong Baptist University was announced in November 2004, and in the following year, AVA launched its Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Visual Arts Degree Programme in September 2005 on Kai Tak Campus, the historical building premises previously the Royal Air Force Officers’ Mess.  The Academy of Visual Arts was officially inaugurated on 13 January 2006.

The Academy expanded in 2011, into the Communication and Visual Arts Building in Kowloon Tong. In 2013, the University entered into a lease of the Kai Tak Campus with the Government; the historical campus now houses AVA’s Centre for Research and Development, a gallery and different studios for teaching and learning.