Academy of Visual Arts (AVA) fresh graduates Echo Hui Gi Wai and Mandy Ma Wing Man have attained award at the Fresh Trend 2019 Art Graduates Joint Exhibition individually!

Echo Hui has won the Fresh Trend Art Award. Echo primarily creates works exploring our senses, especially sight and smell. Echo’s work investigates the boundaries of the senses and perception while crossing disciplinary lines into the realms of science. She often works with light, chemicals, images and moving images. Echo hopes to arouse discussion beyond normative sight using a sight dominated medium.

Mandy Ma’s work “In the presence of you” won the Affordable Art Fair Art Award. She collected wool fabrics from her family and friends. The personal traces carried on the fabrics are dismantled and reconstructed to open a collective and connected space. Mandy’s work constructs space and collective moments with people. Her deepest feelings towards the surroundings transformed and manifested as her spiritual substance in her work. Her art concept will be further explored in the collaborative project with the Affordable Art Fair and the artwork will be showcased during the fair in the coming May.

The Fresh Trend 2019 Art Graduates Joint Exhibition is now running in Hong Kong City Hall until 16 September 2019.