Our AVA teacher and alumnus have won the awards at the recent Hong Kong Arts Development Awards 2018! They are:

Artist of the Year (Visual Arts category)
Ms Annie Wan, Assistant Professor of AVA

Award for Young Artist (Visual Arts category)
Mr Tom Chung-man, alumnus of AVA

The exhibition entitled Zan Baak Fo was Annie most overwhelming artistic project carried out over the past year. She set up the exhibition display in a grocery store in the Ping Shek Estate, where real groceries are placed and sold side by side with the art replicas, which were produced in ceramics. In contrast, these “art pieces” were sold at an extremely low price at a gallery in Sheung Wan. The project explored the concept of “does art come with a price?” and its relationship with the community.

She said, “There are many touching stories about my teaching life and these stories have inspired me to move forward on creation. My work at the AVA has enriched my creativity which has benefited my teaching and production as well.”

Tom Chung-man graduated from AVA in 2016. Integrating process art and installation art, his graduation work, Rice, picked up three awards at the HKBU’s 2016 AVA BA Graduation Show – AVA Award, Vitamin D Award and Tuna Prize; he won the Karin Weber Gallery Art Award in the same year. His works mainly explore the spiritual dilemma of contemporary individuals. His first solo exhibition, We Must Imagine Sisyphus is Happy, was held at Karin Weber Gallery in 2017. In 2017/18, he presented two co-exhibitions, The Breath of Excessive Reality at HKBU and In-itself at Zurich University of the Arts, Switzerland, and the group exhibition, Weight Watcher at Kunstquartier Bethanien in Berlin, Germany.

We are so proud to have you, Annie and Tom!