Workshop period: 27, 28, 30 & 31 May 2019 (4 days)
Time: 10:00am – 6:00pm (TBC)
Venue: University Museum & Art Gallery (UMAG), HKU; CVA & Kai Tak Campus (KTC), Academy of Visual Arts (AVA), Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU)
Language: English (assisted with Cantonese/ Putonghua)
Fee: free tuition; material fee applies if participants would like to take away the work after the workshop (silicon bronze $200/kg)
Coordinator: Dr. Sarah Ng
Speakers: See the following details below
Casting artists: Dr. Sunny Wang & Mr. Parry Ling
Workshop application deadline: 18 May, 2019 (By invitation only, Registration:
Summer Forum application deadline: 25 May, 2019 (Open to public, Registration:

From Casting to Rubbing: Material Studies on Chinese Bronze and Glass builds on last year’s successful debut of summer bronze casting workshop, this year, we have a new theme and include glass as a material for comparison and study. Designed for anyone interested in material studies and art practice, this learning series is a close collaboration with colleagues from various disciplines and the UGC-FSTL project team (Capitalizing on Hong Kong’s position in the art world: An innovative platform for objects based science and arts learning with a world class collaborative incubator for future educational teaching resources).

This summer forum and workshop combines art, science and conservation to study artefacts and artmaking processes with an object-based and material focused approach. The forum will cover art history, material science, conservation, as well as technology related to the time a work of art was made.

In the forum, participants will learn the history of glass and bronze making and various means of scientific analysis related to their specific artistic production, both in the past and at present—techniques derived from material science and contemporary industrial practices. Besides this focus on materials and techniques, the course also covers the reception of rubbings in a cross-cultural perspective as ink rubbing was one of the most faithful means to record, preserve and visualize the motifs and texts of art objects in imperial China.

In the workshop, participants will study two common types of casting materials used in piece-mold casting: bronze and glass. These materials have often been used to make artworks and ritual objects, mold-making and casting technique has been used since early imperial China, which are still commonly used in the current metal casting industries, especially for simple designs because of its high efficiency and productivity. Participants will learn the artistic techniques and practical knowledge of artmaking through casting bronze and glass in studio and foundry. To record, preserve and visualize the motifs or texts and even the shapes of these objects, participants will also learn to apply one of the most faithful and traditional means to make impressions with their cast objects by making ink rubbings.  Furthermore, participants will gain behind-the-scenes access to the art museum for object viewing and demonstration at the conservation laboratory.

The 4-day workshop will include:
– Forum on material analysis, casting technique, art history (open for the public);
– Studio practice: mold making, bronze and glass casting and rubbing making (max. 15 ppl).

Day 1
Forum (
Drake Gallery, 1/F Fung Ping Shan Building, UMAG, HKU) Morning
(1) The history of glass blowing and cross-cultural influences in glass making (Dr. Florian Knothe, Director, UMAG, HKU)
(2) The art of contemporary glass casting. (Dr. Sunny Wang, Assistant Professor, AVA, HKBU)
(3) Bronze arts and our daily life (Mr. Parry Ling, Research Associate, AVA)
(4) The reception of rubbings in cross-cultural perspective (Dr. Sarah Ng, Research Assistant Professor, AVA)
(5) Material analysis on bronze and glass (Dr. Florian Knothe)
(6) Metal analysis and conservation (Dr. Gesa Schwantes, Director of Architectural Conservation Laboratory (AC Lab), Faculty of Architecture, HKU & Ms. Jiafang Liang, Object conservator, AC Lab)
(Each talk 25mins + Q&A 5 mins)
Drake Gallery, 1/F Fung Ping Shan Building, UMAG, HKU
Museum and Laboratory Visit Afternoon

Day 2
Introduction & studio practice (CVA, HK Baptist University)
Aims of the workshop
Glass Studio

Day 3
Studio practice: Mold making, bronze-casting and pouring (KTC, HK Baptist University)

Day 4
Studio practice: Touching up cast objects & making ink rubbings of cast objects (KTC)

Interested parties please fill the form ( by 18 May 5:00pm. Please feel free to contact Mr. Andy Cheng by email: regarding workshop content or you can contact the workshop organizer/ coordinator Dr. Sarah Ng, Research Assistant Professor, AVA, HKBU (