At the 47th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva held in Switzerland (10-14 April 2019), the “OH Furniture Collection” invented by Mr. Andrea Ingrassia, our lecturer from AVA has won a Gold Medal! His same series “OHO Jewellery Collection” has also won a Silver Medal.

The “OH Furniture Collection” and “OHO Jewellery Collection” consist of an interlocking design invented by Mr Andrea Ingrassia. The invention has been granted patents in the United States and mainland China. The interlocking mechanism can be applied to a variety of products for daily use, such as jewellery and furniture.

The unique invention, which can be scaled up accordingly, enables flexibility and customisation, while also facilitating simple disassembly. By integrating the design into furniture, chairs can be easily stacked and also turned into tables, providing a modern solution to our interior needs. Likewise, pieces of jewellery can be easily modified depending on the occasion.

Let’s check out how they work!