You Can’t Live Without Blue: Lamothy Kwok solo exhibition

Exhibition Period: 30 Nov -13 Dec 2018

Time: 10:00 – 19:00

Venue: AVA Gallery, Academy of Visual Arts (HKBU Kai Tak Campus), 51 Kwun Tong Road, Choi Hung, Kowloon, Hong Kong

‘Blue is an emotional trigger to me. I start observing the city with the blue eyes and end with the blue trace. It’s blue no matter in visual or mental communication.’ – Lamothy Kwok

This is an exhibition showcasing Lamothy Kwok continuous practice in the struggle of sentimental expression and real-life observation. To him, painting is always a practice in balancing realistic seeing and self-imagination. He does art because he saw something and those form a trigger to him in feeling and thinking. He tries to record that particular instant with his own visual presentation. Meanwhile, material investigation was always an important feature when he is processing his art. This exhibition is engaging painting, collage and printmaking, which help in exploring the possibilities in visual, and functioning the aesthetic value.

Denim paintings, found objects and blue paint will be the main focus in the exhibition. In the content of the paintings he created in 2017, the blue from denim, and cyanotype, presented as reminiscence and his realization toward the world. By using the recent city appearance and the memorized resemblance as his subject matters, he tries to depict the cityscape of his living place in the combination of ambiguous and iconic features in his recent works. Reviewing the subject repeatedly and perceiving the imaginative features are leading to a great extent of psychedelia. This kind of melancholic with the combination in self-pleasure has highly emphasized in his work frequently. This exhibition is a showcase and research on this urban solitude in a developed city.


– About the artist –

Lamothy Kwok (b.1995) was graduated from Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University in 2017 and now further studying in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He employs various forms and medium in presenting his ideas, yet his focus remains in drawing, oil painting, and printmaking. In collaborating the method of bleaching and collage in denim, indigo blue and denim usage are his signature engagement to his own art. Art to him is portraying day-to-day experiences and capturing moments in urban living.

‘I am not a storyteller. I am just showing the world that I recently observe. I show you my world and all may be faked and all could also be true perhaps. Let colours play among the blue. Blue is blue. But in between blue, I find the happiness and joyful world that I never ever discover. Let the rainbow flows. ’ – Lamothy Kwok