Bak1 Dak1 Niu5 is an exhibition responding to AVA’s summer 2018 study trips to Berlin and Beijing. Participating students created artworks responding to the study trip and the locations. This exhibition serves as a platform for students to share their experience through their works.

Bak1 Dak1 Niu5 has the same pronunciation as the Cantonese phase of ‘Wow!’ or ‘Excellence!’ or with the meaning of exclamation of a big deal. Bak1 has similar pronunciation as the first word of Beijing in Cantonese while Dak1 has similar pronunciation as the first word of Germany. The word Niu5 means bird in Cantonese. Other than the meaning of ‘Wow!’, it could be regarded us as birds that flew to Bejing and Berlin respectively and flew back to Hong Kong creating artworks after having new nutrition.


CHAN Cheuk Yan Glo
CHAN Nga Yat Erica
CHU Wing Lam Kelly
HUI Gi Wai Echo
LAM Ka Fai
LAM Man Yi
LAM Mei Fan Venus
LAW Kwong Hin Vincent
LI Lok Sze Lala
LIU Jiaxin
MA Wing Man
MAK Wing Sum Sammi
NG Yu ling
NGAW Hiu Nam Ashley
QIAN Yinxiao Silver
TAM Bethia
TSE Sze Yu
WANG Xiaorui
WONG Ching In Janet
WONG Kwan Ho Kwan
YIP Wong Ting

Exhibition period: 5-15 October 2018
Opening: 04.10.2018 18:30
Opening hours: 11:00-19:30
Exhibition venue: Koo Ming Kwun Gallery, CVA (G/F and 1/F)