Date: 19/4/2018 (Thu)
Time: 6:30pm – 8:00pm
Venue: CVA408

Lee Kwok-wai
Tsui Ka-hei


*CCL Accredited

“Hong Kong movie and comics are treasured memory for the Dragon’s Delusion team. Many great sci-fi stories in the past were inspired by this futuristic city. Now it’s our time to create a sci-fi animation for our city.” — Kongkee

All are welcome!

About the speakers:

Kongkee, comic and animation artist. His publications include the popular comics series Pandaman, Ding Ding and the experimental comics work, Hi-Jacking in collaboration with Chihoi. In 2015, Kongkee was invited to create a comics work Travel to Hong Kong with Blur for the British band BLUR. In 2017, Kongkee co-directed an animation short film ‘The Dragon’s Delusion with two renowned Hong Kong animation directors, LEE Kwok Wai and TSUI Ka Hei. The film was shortlisted in various international film festivals and won the HK 2017 Regional Gold Award and Gold Mention of DigiCon6 ASIA awarded by TBS Japan.

Lee Kwok Wai
LEE Kwok-wai, animation director and the founder of Nine Monkey Workshop. Recent works include collaborative projects with Kongkee such as Howl the Mobile Fatty , Crazy Panda Man and Saveur Tèrèbenthine. His solo project Resettlement Memory has received the Gold Award in the Open Category, Animation Category of the ifva 2017 and the Silver – Asian Perspective in DigiCon6 ASIA 2016.

Tsui Ka-hei
TSUI Ka-hei, graduated from School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong. Tsui is the founder and director of multi-media production company Zcratch, an award-winning multimedia creative group in Hong Kong, focusing on digital entertainment and moving images.


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