The Academy of Visual Arts (AVA) of HKBU was invited by the Highways Department of the HKSAR Government to showcase the result of their joint effort—upcycled Acacia wood carved into beautiful wood sculptures and other artworks created by AVA students—at the Highways Department’s exhibition in the Hong Kong Flower Show 2018, which opened on 16 March and will run until 25 March. The waste timber magnets and stamps created by eight Visual Arts students were used to introduce to visitors the Acacia Slopes Enhancement Programme at the Acacia Corner.

The artwork of Year 2 students Poon Pui-sze, Tse Tsz-yiu, Esther Li and Antonia Lo; Year 3 students Chan Cheuk-ying, Ben Lam and Yeung Sin-man; and Year 4 student Carmilly Yeung are on display. In addition, Artist Mr Parry Ling, AVA’s Studio Technician and Demonstrator, was invited to perform Acacia wood carving demonstrations during the Show.

In the 1950s and 1960s of Hong Kong, Acacia trees were planted on roadside slopes to prevent soil erosion amid rapid urban development. After several decades, the majority of these old Acacia trees started dying. In order to solve the problem of dying trees endangering public safety, the Highways Department launched the Enhancement Programme of Vegetated Slopes to remove old Acacia trees in phases.

Since 2017, AVA has been collaborating with the Highways Department for the collection of waste timber for the use of teaching and learning. The waste timber generated from the scheme is upcycled and turned into wood sculptures and furniture.