Date: 26 March (Mon), 2018
Time: 19:30 – 21:00
Venue: CVA312

*CCL Accredited

Since the birth of Euclid’s Elements, geometry has evolved into branches of knowledge that goes beyond mathematics and science to explain our spatial relations with the universe. In the 1980s and 1990s, a new wave of expansion in technology and trade accelerated international integration, ushering in the concept of “globalization” in cultural, economic, and academic discourses. Artists, at the same time, started to invent their own visual lexicons in re-conceptualizing spatial interconnectedness; geometric elements were used in art as metaphors for social space, as exemplified by Neo-Geo Conceptualism in America, Rational Painting in China, and the art styles preceding the Superflat movement in Japan.

K11 Art Foundation organized the exhibition “Emerald City” examines the idea of translation within geometry and compares two important concepts in cultural translation — ‘transparency’ and ‘opacity’ — by bringing together 39 works including paintings, videos, sculptures, and site-specific installations by artists from China and other parts of the world. Academy of Visual Arts has collaborated with K11 Art Foundation to invite part of the exhibited artists to have a sharing session with us.

Carl Cheng
Ben Tong
Zhang Ruyi
Alexis Mailles | Peter Nelson | Andrew Luk


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Artwork image: Zhou Siwei, Images Carrier 02, 2015, digital print, 200 x 50 cm – Courtesy of the Artist and Antenna Space


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