Opening: 19/12/2017 at 19:00
Exhibition Period: 19/12/2017-30/12/2017
Opening Hours: 10:00 – 19:00
Venue: G/F, Koo Ming Kown Exhibition Gallery, Communication and Visual Arts Building, 5 Hereford Road, Kowloon Tong

“First person” is an exhibition curated by four AVA alumnus with the works of drawing, design, image, and text. By sharing personal experiences and perspectives in a narrative manner, which constitutes each individual’s unique language, our thoughts are intertwined to create dialogues with each other.


About the Artists

Hung Ching Yan, Fion

HUNG Ching Yan Fion was born in a conventional Fujian family and had lived with her grandparents since she was born. HUNG’s grandma passed away last year (2016) and her death has revealed the potential conflict of her family from all over the years – The relationship between the family members became worse. “Family” is always the most concerned topic in HUNG’s art. Through photography, image, and text, HUNG explores the familial relationship and history. Art has become the only way to confront such a change.

Lai Siu Wai, Arrow

Lai Siu Wai Arrow devoted himself in the area of early art education after graduation. LAI has continued his path in art making, and he has been actively participating in art related events. LAI’s creative practices include creating images and texts through typography, graphic design, book design, comic art, and printmaking. LAI mainly explores the pictorial and textual relationships by such art forms.

Poon Mei Yee, Leona

POON Mei Yee, Leona, her works are versatile in various visual mediums, including drawing, painting, and photography. She concerns the interrelationships between time and space, people, and objects. POON’s works were exhibited in Hong Kong, Germany, Thailand, and India, including local art fairs and galleries.

Tsang Man Chi, Monchi

Tsang Man Chi Monchi had been a Visual Arts exchange student at Tunghai University, Taiwan. 2D mediums are the main focus of TSANG’s creative process. Inspiring from her personal perception and life experiences, TSANG explores and reveals the implicit feelings of her own through the process of art-making.