Date: 9 November 2017 (Thursday)

Time: 6:30pm to 8:00pm

Venue: CVA 312, Communication and Visual Arts Building, Hong Kong Baptist University

Co-organiser: US Consulate

Speaker: Richard W Franklin (US)

Artist talk ‘You’ve got everything you need!’ addresses where and how an artist can utilize his/her professional passion when developing an alternative professional life outside the studio. Richard W Franklin, a veteran American painter, will share the amalgamation of art, meaningfully integrated into and supporting, his ‘ancillary’ career as a museum exhibition designer and senior non-profit administrator. An enormous impact on aspiring young artists!

About the Speaker:


Richard W Franklin (US) is an American painter who exhibits internationally. He received an MFA at Yale University and began his career at the Museum of Modern Art, later a professor of art and art history at Queens College and Fordham University. Franklin was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship as a visiting artist to Korea and he was the first American artist to be honored with a solo exhibition at the National Museum of Modern Art in Seoul. Upon his return he began designing museum exhibitions. He was recruited by the Smithsonian Institution and became Head of Design at the Museum of African Art and later at Freer and Sackler Galleries of Asian Art.

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