The “Museum of Art on Wheels” Outreach Learning Programme is a moving art museum which tours to different schools and the community, inviting you into an interactive “art laboratory” where you can see how ancient and contemporary artists “transform” subjects of daily life into works of art! On October 26 at (12:30~4pm), the moving art museum will be on our campus. This is the first event to bring to you a “word maze” city to discover interesting signs and words that permeate every corner of our city, displaying our city’s energy and spirit, as well as its cultural link to Chinese calligraphy. With a number of interactive games on this mobile museum, you will discover the uniqueness of Hong Kong’s hybrid culture in an exciting interactive experience!

You are invited to drop in for a visit or to register for a tour of the mobile museum.

On the other hand, AVA and Hong Kong Museum of Art (HKMA) have collaborated this year on the “Museum of Art on Wheels” Outreach Learning Program. “Hong Kong Sign- Hong Kong Signature” is the theme for 2017/18 school year. As part of the Art of the 20th Century courses (VART2305, VART2306), our AVA students have joined the Museum of Art on Wheels’ community outreach initiative and online video project, highlighting the arts and heritage of various Hong Kong communities. A series of short videos will be published online in Nov/Dec 2017 about the art and heritages in Hong Kong which includes stories, history and traces of artists and the art community of the 20thcentury and at present.

Guided tours: 1:00-1:30pm (Full); 1:30-2:00pm; 2:00-2:30pm; 3:00-3:30pm (Please register in the form below)

Venue A (12:30 – 2:30pm): Carpark at CVA 12:30 – 2:30pm

Venue B (2:30 – 4:00pm): Carpark C near AAB and Jockey Club Academic Community Centre

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