Date: 6 September (Wednesday) 2017

Venue: CVA 312 (Installation Studio)

Guest speakers: Mirjam Angerer-Geier, Felix Leutner, Wolfgang Bohusch

“Uncommon Places” is a collective exhibition that introduces the work of eight Austrian photographers of the up and coming generation. Subjects of this exhibition are places that have been discovered – real existing unusual places. Some of them are dealing with a particular state of mind influenced by one’s surrounding, relationship or simply evoked through its history.

Mirjam Angerer-Geier and Felix Leutner, co-founders of photo::vienna, and the artist photographer Wolfgang Bohusch will be present to talk about the current photography trend in Austria, the establishment of photo::Vienna and the artists’ works. The audience will be invited to bring in inputs. AVA students and alumni who are interested in photography and image making are welcomed to join.

Image credit: Luise Hardegg

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