Accidental Tourist Guide was a collaborative project that aimed to explore the possibility of the social and cultural life and the urban structures of cities. It focused on self-awareness and self-reflection in a transcultural context and on discerning differences in aesthetic perception and practices. The project was divided into three phases. During the first phase, students from Zurich, Finland and Hong Kong initiated ideas and conducted research about the city of Hong Kong via online tools. In the second phase, a week-long intensive workshop for all students was held in Connecting Space in Hong Kong. Students were divided into groups and developed artworks through experiments, observations and collaborations. Five works were produced and presented in an exhibition at the end of the week. In June 2017, eight students from AVA visited Zurich University of the Arts as the last phase of the project. Reflecting on the experiences in the first two phases, they were asked to respond to the experiences brought by the changes of role from a host (Hong Kong) to a tourist (Zurich) through artworks.



Partner universities:
Zurich University of the Arts, Zurich
Aalto University (School of Arts, Design and Architecture), Helsinki