Exhibition period

10:00am – 7:00pm

Opening reception

Date :22/7/2017(Sat)

Time :4:30pm-6:00pm

The art of printmaking starts with considerable planning and preparation before the final work comes out from pulling a print. Yet, only when accidents happen, artists receive surprising and exciting effects. In Cantonese, such incidents are called “zong6 baan2”, which means “making mistakes” like things crashing against each other.

In art, there is no right or wrong. Zong6 Baan2 is an inspirational footprint from the creative process. Artists are encouraged to make mistakes in order to learn even more from it. It also helps them to understand the value of traditional techniques and take printmaking to a groundbreaking level.

“Crash Printing” showcases artists’ work from both academic and non-academic backgrounds. It lets their ideas crash against each other in a new way which is both inspirational and influential.


Working Through Mistake


Time:3:00pm- 4:30pm

Guest Speaker :Jane Liu (廖少珍)、Sally Tsang (曾月群)、Angee Chan (陳安之)

Conducted in Cantonese