Exhibition Period: 22/7-12/8

Opening Hour: 11am-7pm

Opening reception: 21/7 (Friday), 7-9pm

Venue: AVA Gallery, Kai Tak Campus, 51 Kwun Tong Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong (Choi Hung MTR Exit A2)

‘Simmer’, pronounced as ‘ngaau’ in Chinese, means cooking something with the temperature kept slightly below boiling point, in order to achieve the finest delicacy. A rich-flavoured stock has to undergo a long time cooking and it is the essence of many traditional cuisines. Though the present world is obsessed with speed, and we constantly compete with time, art doesn’t take the quick way. Just like simmering, it takes time to hone and cultivate. Everyone utilizes various materials to come up with a unique formula. The same word in Chinese can be pronounced as ‘ngou’, which describes people staying up late to work. In the still of night, through sinking into deep thoughts alone in silence, many inspirations are drawn and art-pieces are created.

21 visual arts students from the Hong Kong Baptist University International College of Education are here to present their learning outcomes gained from their photography and sculpture lessons.