Dr Bryan Chung Wai-ching, Assistant Professor of the AVA, was selected as Artist of the Year (Media Art) at the Hong Kong Arts Development Awards 2016. The Hong Kong Arts Development Awards 2016 was organised by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council. The award presentation ceremony was held on 26 May 2017. The honours are awarded to acknowledge arts practitioners who have achieved excellence in their respective art forms.

Dr Chung said “It is my great honour to receive the 2016 Artist of the Year award for the Media Art category. I would like to thank Professor John Aiken, Director of the Academy of Visual Arts of HKBU, and curators Cally Yu and Issac Leung for nominating me for the award.”

“Media art is not yet in the mainstream of the art scene in Hong Kong. It is rare in Hong Kong for artists to develop their own custom hardware and software as a mode of artistic expression. The award is a timely recognition of my efforts in this creative direction. I shall see the award as an incentive for me to further engage students and artists to cultivate the media art development in Hong Kong.” he added.

Dr Chung was praised for having been continuously active in artistic creation, and for his efforts in enthusiastically conducting research and nurturing young artists. Dr Chung’s many artistic endeavours include design art, computer graphics and multimedia works. According to the judging panel of the Award, “Dr Chung explores and applies new technology, bringing new creative directions to media arts. His work composed in 2016, 50. Shades of Grey, is a truly outstanding work that has widened the imagination and understanding of media arts. Receiving an important international award, it is representative and indicative of a higher artistic level of Hong Kong media arts.”

Congratulation Bryan! We are proud of you!


*photo credit to Hong Kong Arts Development Council