Date: Friday 28 April 2017

Time: From 3-5pm

Venue: 1F CVA gallery

*CCL accredited event

Consumption is often seen as a linear equation:  art + audience = consumption.

This symposium will challenge this linear notion and question how the interaction of audience and consumption is bound in different ways to the production and dissemination of art.

Attempting to stimulate the discussion of how patterns of the consumption of art are effecting the production of art.

And, how can art professionals use knowledge, social status, and cultural interests to further stimulate the audiences’ experiences of art.

Panel Members:

Chow Chun Fai – Artist

Elaine Ng – Art Asia Pacific Editor & Publisher

Stella Fong – M+ Lead Curator of Learning and Interpretation

Jonathan Wong – Sotheby’s Senior Specialist Contemporary Art

John Aiken – Artist / Educator

Leung Mee Ping – Artist

Vivian Ting – Curator

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