Date: 15 – 22/4/2017, 12pm – 10pm

Venue: Gallery, Academy of Visual Arts, Kai Tak Campus, Hong Kong Baptist University  (51 Kwun Tong Road, Kowloon)

Performance: 12/4/2017, 7pm & 9 pm

Please send email to (Alvin) for the performance ticket reservation 

After the installative music theatre “Myosotis”, which explore the line between live and death of human being. Multimedia theatre and exhibition “ The Rite of Blue” try to reach the negative human emotions, like depression, loneliness, self-mutilation, to respond, to interact by an imagining contemporary rite. A connection, a confess, a compromise between You and You.

This is a performance, this is an exhibition, this is a documentary, this is a performance.

You are watching a performance, you are entering an exhibition, you are watching a documentary, you become part of the performance and exhibition.

Director & installation: Alvinsing

Performer: YU Shuk Pui Bobby | Kiwi Chan@Norma-Phobia |
Ioku Ero Nikaido@Norma-Phobia

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About Alvinsing
Alvin is a media artist. He had finished a solo installative theatre performance “Myosotis” in late 2015. Graduated in City University of Hong Kong, School of Creative Media since 2009, Alvin is now exploring the possible relationship in between performative installation and installative performance.