Exhibition Period: 14 Feb – 4 March 2017

Exhibition Opening: 7pm – 9pm, 13 Feb (Monday)

Opening hour: 11am– 7pm

Venue: Gallery, Academy of Visual Arts, Kai Tak Campus, Hong Kong Baptist University (51 Kwun Tong Road, Kowloon)

“Can an exhibition provide audiences with relaxation and enjoyment?”

Responding to the above question, seven artists from Studio 1815 explore the possibilities of curatorship and exhibition design. A park reflects the culture and characteristics of the community which it belongs to. This exhibition represents the “park” created by seven artists from a small community, Studio 1815. It shows the personalities and stories, along with the dialogue and interactions among them.

About Studio 1815

Studio 1815, located in Kwai Hing, has welcomed 14 art practitioners since 2014. It maintains a group of 7 teammates, who work variously in art administration, art education, interior design, a museum and as freelancers, practising with diverse media including Chinese painting, ceramics, graphic design, installation, literature, mixed media, moving image, photography, printmaking and sculpture. They meet in Studio 1815, a platform for them to share, learn, and continue their art practice after graduation.