Date: 10 Feb 2017 (Friday)

Time: 6:30 – 8:00pm

Venue: CVA 408


As a graduate of visual arts, Chan Po Fung can’t get used to being a regular commuter. Alternatively, he took a tougher road and spent two years to seek for a creative path that he feels suitable. He found himself having different identities in different occasions, but the identity is always mismatching with what he expects. In this talk, he is going to share his career path: How he started from making handcrafts to having a business – setting up his design studio and his own brand, and eventually figured out his creative direction.

About the speaker:

Chan Po Fung graduated from Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University in 2012, with graphic design as his former academic field. Starting with small metal as his creative media since 2012, Chan explores the relationships between individual and societies via contemporary jewelry. He further set up his own studio – Playback Concept in 2013 which is composed of teammates of different fields, putting into practice of a sustainable model that blends craftsmanship with design and social manufacture.

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