Exhibition Period: 1 Feb – 14 Feb 2017
Exhibition Time: 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Opening: 6:30 pm, 1 Feb 2017
Venue: G/F Koo Ming Kown Exhibition Gallery

Scenery in its timelessness epitomises objective existence. Attempts to depict scenery fail to capture the original qualities of scenery: somewhat committing defamation; a dishonest act towards scenery. Thus, juxtaposing “sincere” and “landscape” forms an oxymoron. Scenery cannot act or lie like humans do.  The so-called “sincere” depiction, in fact, refers to our unconscious projections onto the scenery, reified as the “Sentimental Landscape”.

Sentimental Landscape reflects the artist’s thoughts and feelings toward life and living. The paintings portray neither obvious narratives nor realistic depictions. The sentimental landscape is rather subtle, subjective, poetic and personal. These qualities originate in the painting process, which identifies and embodies the sentimental engagement between the observer and the environment through aesthetic judgment.

The group exhibition brought together three artists of the similar backgrounds in upcoming AVA graduate. In the context of landscape, they have their own perspectives on canvas. The group consists of:

– Kaiaroonsuth Chonticha

– Kwok Tsz Lam Lamothy

– Ng Tin Yuet