The first thought always occurs in our repeated ponder before complete apperception. Fathom is ‘噒(leon1)’ in Cantonese, it means the process before swallowing, taste something carefully when eating. Every profound matter come out in our life, gently revolve in our mind then start up creations. Process of fathoming is most worthy to be recorded.

Seventeen AD Visual Arts students jointly hold this exhibition. Photography and sculpture works are to be on show. We got creations from life, emotions touched by life. ⋯⋯We tasted them fine then share them fine.


6 – 8pm, 12 Jul, 2016

Exhibition period:
13 Jul – 5 Aug 2016

Opening Hours:
11am – 7pm, Mon – Sun

Koo Ming Kown Exhibition Gallery, Communication and Visual Arts Building, HKBU