The works produced by 17 AVA students were showcased during the “from here to there” exhibition held in Berlin, Germany from 9 to 17 January.

The founder of International Art Moves conducted a week-long intensive workshop in AVA in June 2015, during which 17 AVA students learned the theoretical and practical aspects of curating a professional art exhibition overseas. The students made models, planned budgets and created time schedules. Eventually, five students were selected as representatives to curate the exhibition with International Art Moves in Berlin’s art centre Kunstquartier Bethanien, a former historic diagonal hospital building complex with a strong political history located in the center and melting pot of Berlin KreuzbergThe 5 representatives were Year 4 students Annie Choi, Poon Mei-yee and Tsim Hui-laam as well as alumni Lam Wing-sze and Chan Pak-kin. They presented the works produced by the 17 AVA students to visitors from around the world.

The five students had a real life experience by creating an intercultural exhibition project in the context of a professional exhibition space. Beside the experience of the preparation process, the opening and the exhibition itself were great platforms for the students to communicate with a variety of international visitors. The exhibition “from here to there” expressed how the young artists perceived the world, here, and create their own reflection, there. Some of the works reflected social issue in Hong Kong, which impressed the international visitors.