Ms Annie Wan, Assistant Professor of the Academy of Visual Arts, led a team of nine alumni to showcase their ceramic works in the 2015 Contemporary Asian Ceramics Exchange Exhibition held in China Academy of Art, Hangzhou from 7 to 17 November 2015.

The Visual Arts alumni are Alice Chan, Fanny Chan, Yang Hoi-mei, Leo Yuen, Ma On-yee, Ryan Hui, Wai Lau, Wendy Cho and Lung Yuet-ching.

The team considered the experience gained from this exhibition rewarding, through which they embraced a broader view of ceramic art creation and were stimulated by the lively discussion and sharing amongst the 400 participating artists from Asia.

At a critique session of a symposium held during the exhibition, the works entitled The Maid presented by Lung Yuet-ching and No man is an island, entire of itself presented by Yang Hoi-mei received good comments from scholars of other participating institutions. Both works were praised for their ability to express the creators’ personal feelings as well as reflect social issues.

Ms Annie Wan delivered a presentation entitled “From the Renaming of the American Craft Museum to the Development of Contemporary Hong Kong Ceramics in the Context of Art and Craft” about the direction of ceramic art in Hong Kong.