Mr. Peter Benz & Dr. Ching Sze Yin //

2015 //

Jewellery is a medium through which the wearer can make a statement, convey an attitude, and showcase one’s aesthetic sense to the general public. In particular in the last two decades local jewellery in Hong Kong has developed a distinct ‘style’ of its own – especially through a particular approach to the use of material – however to this moment there is no comprehensive archive of local jewellery designs, and no coherent records of the practicing artists, their creative intentions, approaches, processes.

It is therefore the intention of this project to produce a cross-section physical ‘snapshot’ of jewellery art in Hong Kong at the present time by inviting nine jewellery practitioners from Hong Kong to produce a work under ‘lab-like’ conditions, including extensive process documentation and supporting materials like design drawings, and/or artist interviews etc. The resulting case studies will establish an initial stock of materials for further academic and creative research.