Artist Seminar by Lilah Fowler

Date: 17 September 2014 (Wed)

Time: 2:00pm – 3:30pm

Speaker: Lilah Fowler

Venue: CVA403, Communication and Visual Arts Building, 5 Hereford Road, Kowloon Tong

*CCL Accredited Seminar

Lilah Fowler’s sculptures, prints and other elements take on the combined form of intricate installations that question the common, mutable languages that shape how we interpret our surroundings. Drawing on sources including urban planning, architectural design values and overlooked, overfamiliar objects, they are a collection of clues that shape ones own understanding of placement within natural and urban architectural space. In that encounter, Fowler’s practice attempts to level art, architecture, and design as equally part of a web of social, philosophical and experiential constructs.

The intricate complexities of our experiences of and relationships to our surroundings are explored through long-term, cumulative research interests that fuel the process behind the work. These have been shaped, in general terms, around the way in which our natural and urban environment is planned and designed for social movement and interaction. This has included the aesthetics and reinterpretations of Modern architecture, highway-side infrastructure and the iconography and syntax of road travel, and the politics of contemporary society’s increasing proliferation of ‘non-places’. Each unique site elicits a new response and these factors and variants are key in the outcome of the work. The interpretation of space in this context through design, layout and structure are used to question our familiar experiences of our environment and how they thereby influence the way we live within them.

About Lilah Fowler

Born 1981 in London and studied at The Royal College of Art and Edinburgh College of Art. Lilah Fowler is an artist working in sculpture, print and installation within research themes that has involved contemporary dancers, mathematicians, architects and computational programmers.

Her work has been exhibited at world-wide venues including: Siobhan Davies Studios, London(2013), Maria Stenfors, London (2013), kunstgalleriebonn, Germany (2013), Malgras|Naudet & The Royal Standard, Manchester and Liverpool (2013), Joshua Tree Art Gallery, USA (2013), Cosmophobia, Berlin, curated by Tom Trevatt (2012), Bold tendencies5, London (2011), Cartel, London, curated by Oliver Basciano (2012), Kunsthal KaDe Amersfoort, Netherlands, curated by Keith Coventry (2011), Hannah Barry Gallery, London (2012), Art Futures Hong Kong, China (2011), Space in Between, London (2011),  OVADA, Oxford (2010), Architectural Association, London (2009), MAXIMAL MINIMAL (2009),Switzerland, Bank of America Corporate Arts Programme, London (2009), Hiscox Art Collection, London (2009). She has been teaching in the studios across BA/BFA & MA/MFA courses at the Slade School of Fine Art of the University College London since 2010.

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