Art Containers are coming home!

Art Container project, witnessing the development of Hong Kong arts, spanning of 6 years, is absolutely self-financed. This historical art project is coming home!

This year in May, a documentation and art exhibition will be launched to record the last chapter of the Project. The documentation will bring along a visionary discussion with public about the meaning of the project and Hong Kong art. The art exhibition titled “Art as Container” will showcase new works from the core team members of the project in the context of contemporary Hong Kong.

A forum, titled “Where to go? Search for the perspectives in the development of Hong Kong art,” will provide a platform for the discussion of the present and future of art in Hong Kong.
一個橫跨六年,由民間自發自資,並見證了香港本土藝術發展的歷史性計劃 -「藝術貨櫃」要回家了!