Join us in an active exploration – digging deep into the hidden inspirations within humanity + oxygen + life.

This exhibition showcases glass pieces that 16 Visual Arts students would like to share – their tangible inspiration from objects, shapes and beings they have encountered in their wanderings through life.

Fluid, yet solid. Beautiful, yet practical, graceful yet strong, glassworks appeal to the large aesthetic sense in all of us. These Visual Arts students have offered the fruit of their artistic labour as way to raise financial support to participate in Hsin-Chu International Glass Festival Exhibition in Taiwan this summer.

Purchasing one of the students’ pieces is a great way to show your support for the young glaziers, who are trying to make a name for themselves in the world of glass art!靈感隱藏於空氣裏,人羣裏,生活裏;要靠我們主動去發掘,抓緊,把握。十六名修讀玻璃藝術的學生,在生活中浪蕩,用心探索周遭的人、事、物,以玻璃作品展現他們各自的靈感。

琉璃藝術品晶瑩剔透、集藝術性和實用性於一身, 越來越受到人們的欣賞。今年夏天,修讀玻璃藝術的學生首次參與台灣新竹市國際玻璃藝術節,為籌集旅費,是次展覽中的藝術品均可讓參觀者購買收藏,如果你想擁有一件人手製作,獨一無二的藝術品,請用行動支持年青的藝術家。