The artwork of two Academy of Visual Arts Lecturers, Mr. Justin Wong and Ms. Annie Wan, and a 2008 graduate Mr. Silas Fong, are currently on display at the Saatchi Gallery in London as part of an exhibition entitled Hong Kong Eye, an international showcase of Hong Kong contemporary art.

Mr. Wong is delighted that the work of local artists is being showcased on an international platform. He said: “The Hong Kong Eye exhibition serves as a good channel for local artists to share their work with the world. Due to space limitations at the gallery, the works displayed at the show do not offer a complete picture of the art scene in Hong Kong. However, visitors can see the diversity of local art creation from the selected pieces. Participating in the show enabled us to review the advantages and limitations of art development in Hong Kong.” Ms. Wan added that the exhibition facilitated a gathering of Hong Kong artists in London. During the trip, they shared their thoughts and experiences.

The Hong Kong Eye exhibition is the third initiative of its kind, following Indonesian Eye and Korean Eye. The series of exhibitions aim at exhibiting contemporary fine art from various countries of Asia. A major publication Hong Kong Eye: Hong Kong Contemporary Art summarising the artwork created by up to 80 artists in Hong Kong has also been produced. In addition to the current exhibition in London, another exhibition will be held in Hong Kong next year, displaying 33 works by 18 Hong Kong artists.

The exhibition in London will last until 12 January 2013 and the Hong Kong show will be held at TaiKoo Place in May 2013. For details of the shows please visit:

視覺藝術院講師黃照達先生、尹麗娟女士及二零零八年畢業生方琛宇的作品現正於英國倫敦Saatchi Gallery畫廊舉行的「Hong Kong Eye計劃 — 香港當代藝術國際展覽」中展出。

黃先生對香港藝術家的作品在這個國際平台上展出感到榮幸。他說﹕「『Hong Kong Eye計劃』正好讓本港藝術家的作品走進國際藝術殿堂。限於畫廊的規模,是次展覽未必足以表達香港藝壇的整體面貌,但從選取的作品中已看到其多元性。這次經驗亦可讓我們趁機檢視本港藝術發展的優點與局限。」尹女士則很高興香港藝術家雲集倫敦的藝術展覽中,並分享大家的藝術經驗。

「Hong Kong Eye計劃」是繼早前「Indonesian Eye」和「Korean Eye」的第三個同類計劃,旨在展出不同亞洲國家的傑出藝術作品。計劃除了出版一本共收集了近八十位香港藝術家作品的圖錄《Hong Kong Eye: Hong Kong Contemporary Art》,還包括現正於倫敦和明年將於香港舉行的作品展,展出十八位香港藝術家共三十三件作品。

「Hong Kong Eye計劃」倫敦展期為即日起至二零一三年一月十二日,香港展將於二零一三年五月在太古坊展出。詳情可瀏覽